Kunming Jolly Language School (昆明卓立外语培训学校)

Kunming Jolly Language School is a leading private language teaching school in Kunming. It specialises in teaching English for the main internationally recognised qualifications, TOEFL and IELTS in particular.

Educastar assists Jolly’s students in finding suitable university placements abroad.

Rosetta Consulting Shanghai Co., Ltd (卢丝达(上海)咨询有限公司)

Educastar’s sister organisation in Shanghai, Rosetta  Consulting Shanghai, is an education consulting company based in Shanghai. Rosetta Consulting is a direct subsidiary of Rosetta Translation, with offices in London and Shanghai.

Educastar is under the same management as Rosetta, and the two companies share resources and expertise.

RosettaPro Consultancy Limited (UK)(英国罗赛塔咨询有限公司)

RosettaPro is the UK arm of Rosetta Consulting Shanghai.

Educastar provides education related services for RosettaPro in SouthWest China.