English language courses for Chinese students in the UK, US and Australia

Educastar specialises in sending Chinese students from Yunnan province to English-speaking countries for specialised English language courses. A wide range of standardised packages are available, and courses can also be adapted to the needs and requirements of the individual students.

Comprehensive all-in English language study packages

Educastar assists local Chinese students at all stages along the way, taking all the stress and anxiety out of the process. The company assesses the level of English of the students, advises students and their families on the most appropriate courses with the most reputable providers, discusses the pros and cons of individual destinations, deals with any visa issues, and gives local parents a convenient local Chinese payment option.

In-country entertainment and sightseeing packages

A vast spectrum of entertainment and sightseeing options can be booked and paid for in advance by the students or their parents. In the UK, for example, this could involve a weekend trip to Shakespeare’s hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon, or a day trip to Cambridge with a visit of the most famous colleges. This ensures that parents have absolute peace of mind that their son or daughter get the most out of their stay abroad.

Rigorous vetting of local providers of English courses

Educastar has rigorous criteria in selecting local providers of English courses and of leisure options. We always welcome applications from additional suppliers to supplement our offering.