Assistance for Chinese Students to Attend Foreign Universities

Educastar provides assistance to local Chinese students at all stages of their quest to attend a foreign university. We hand-hold students and their parents at all stages along the way, from the initial information gathering and weighing the pros and cons of different countries and universities, via the sometimes bewildering application procedures, all the way through to orientation for students when they first arrive in a foreign country.
Information about Foreign Universities

In our centre in Kunming, we provide local Chinese students with overviews of foreign education systems, and explain their key strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of a Chinese background. For this purpose, we organise regular lecture type events with Q&A sessions, and we also offer personalised one-to-one consultations for students and parents.

Assistance for Chinese Students in Their Applications To Foreign Universities

Applying to foreign universities can seem a very daunting process for Chinese students and their families. We take the pain out of the process by providing them with expert, experienced help in Chinese, including if required, hands-on consulting on essay writing, interview techniques, etc. This optimises thes students’ chances to be accepted at the university of their choice.

Orientation at the Start of Student Life Abroad

Educastar offers assistance for Chinese students when they first arrive in a foreign country (US, UK and Australia). This can include airport pickup by Chinese speaker, help with the local house rental market, relevant registrations, such as police and utilities, cultural orientation to maximise the benefits of their stay abroad, and even help with university course-related issues.